MCDA currently lacks the staff to update our website. We welcome the community for support either by volunteering or part time job. 澳門兒童發展協會現正缺員更新本會網頁,歡迎社會各界以義工或兼職形式支援本會。

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MCDA wishes you a happy Easter!

2013 澳門兒童發展協會 會員大會
MCDA General Assembly 2013



Early Intervention Program
Formative Years
Support Program


義工招募 - Volunteer Wanted

Public Forum of The Current Situation of Children with Learning and Developmental Disorder in Macau

義工招募 - Volunteer Wanted

咁有意義嘅活動,大家又點可以錯過呢!見到我地,請不要 忘記借出你的手幫下呢班小朋友!!而想做義工幫忙買旗嘅 你,可以透過以下網址,登記就得ga啦:)
Plz lend your hands to these children, they need your help to reach the star. Don't hesitate and join it now. 請不要猶豫,借出你的手來幫助這班小朋友。
Plz click into this link and apply the form to be a volunteer!!:) 以下的link就是義工招募的

MCDA wishes you a happy new year!



JOIN US! at the Public Delivery of Chief Executive Sponsorship Proposal to Help Build the Future of Macau Children! (Coming on 15/11/2012)

Many parents continue approaching MCDA seeking Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy or emotional and behavioral support for their children. Unfortunately, we don't have sufficient answers and resources for them. In hence, MCDA has prepared a sponsorship binder to delivery publicly to the Chief Executive Office. Together, we can find soluctions and offer equal opportunities to our children.

Date of Event: November 15th, 2012 (Thursday) at 9:30 AM

Place of Event: Open space area opposite to the Government Headquarters main entrance.

Duration of the Event: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Rundown of the Activity: 30 minutes to assembly, 15 minutes MCDA advocate committee deliver the documents to Chief Executive Office; 15 minutes possible media talk; and 15 minutes crowd dispersion.

Recommendations: We would like to advise you to bring water, hats and umbrella. MCDA will  provide some refreshment

For more details:

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